Friday, February 5, 2010

I just want things to be easy

After a lot of dreaming about new careers--writing, personal training--when I imagine my life once I get back home, my biggest dream is nothing more than that ... will be easy. Please, let my transition home be like water flowing in a stream, like the ease of a summer breeze.

After the struggles of living here--getting cold after cold, having to actually use my pepper spray, trying to tell jokes in Spanish, trying to not spend ALL my money, trying to make sure that no one else spends my money, having a boyfriend and still deciding to leave--I just want an easy transition into my life back at home.

I crave for it mainly because I have a feeling my difficulties aren't over yet.

After all, I have five boxes to my name. No car, no job, no bed even! I have nowhere to put my clothes. Last time I was home, I put them into a makeshift dresser that looked an awful lot like a cardboard box.

I have a laptop (with a new 120 GB hard drive--Thank you for the going away gift Pollo!) and a camera and a passport--all wonderful travel furniture. I pray that they will be enough for home, too. I pray that with very little effort, and lots of enthusiasm, a bike and then a car will come into my life. Soon after, a job that I love or that at least I can stand for a little while will fall into my lap. Just as easily, someone will offer me their spare bedroom for $300/month within walking distance of my job. Aww, the dreams of a tired traveller.

How funny that at the end of this amazing trip, after having experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life, I can't wait to settle in to a normal life, where I get to complain about my stupid job and make decent money.

So while you're praying for important things, like Haiti's recovery, and the passage of the health care bill, and a good last season of Lost, would you also put in a little something about how grateful I'll be for a little, tiny, tiny bit of "easy"?

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Randy said...

It will be nice to see you around California. I've had fun seeing Chile through your words, and learning as when you wrote about the terms of endearment recently. Amusing and interesting! It's a little like a documentary for me to enjoy. Maybe, when you are back, I'll be able to see California through the words of your documentary and enjoy seeing it all a little differently. As for easy, I hope it is easy enough and full of interesting. But if it's not easy enough, I can loan you a bicycle until you find one.