Monday, February 22, 2010

Cerro San Cristobal

I made a pact with myself that I would bike Cerro San Cristobal three times a week until I left.

I have already failed.

But here's the reason. I decided I would try to beat my time each time I went up. I got a little crazy and made myself feel a little nauseous, and then I didn't want to climb the hill anymore.

I have, since that moment, recognized a couple of things:
a) I am competitive
b) I am really slow
c) Either I need to push myself to the point of passing out to remain competitive, or I can mute my competitive spirit as much as possible and enjoy the journey.

Since I don't really feel like passing out, I gave up trying to compete. I now curse those darn runners who stride past me (me, on the bike!) under my breath with a bitter "good job" and try to ignore that speed walker who seems like lightening next to my slow chug.

I am trying to become zen with my own pace.

Plus, the popsicle I buy at the top tastes better when I don't feel like passing out.

But in honor of my competitive spirit, I will say that I did cut my time by four minutes before I quit all this time business. 28 minutes and 20 seconds, ladies and gentleman. It's my record time and it's the only one I'm reporting.

Now I'm going to become one with my zen pace, curse quietly, and climb the hill again.

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