Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am alive.

8.8 earthquake in Chile in Concepcion. I am alive. My house rocked like a boat on an ocean, but sustained no injuries. Everyone of my friends i know here is fine. I was with my aunt and uncle at the Sheraton waiting for news and eating free food and playing cards. Now that they{ve gone off to try their luck at getting on the cruise, Iam here with my boyfriend and his mom and grandma. I{m not alone. I am fine. Shaken up (haha) but fine. I will write more...and hopefully more coherently when I don{t feel the fog of not sleeping very well and being with family who are waiting for me to finish so we can go eat lunch at their apartment.

Much love for everyone!

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Randy said...

We are so happy you are okay. Knowing that, we can direct more of our hopes and thoughts to the others affected by this quake in Chile. Please keep us posted on what this experience is like from your part of the world.