Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I'll Miss in Chile When I'm in the US

  1. The gigantic leaves on the tree that I never saw before I came to Chile
  2. The ability to go everywhere without a car
  3. The people, especially Kanke, Lua and Pollo
  4. The kindness of strangers on the metro
  5. Marcella's house with its funky yoga room, tatoo parlor and general super hippy-ness
  6. Empanadas del horno
  7. The house in La Reina
  8. La Chakra, Emporio de la Rosa, Juan Valdez Cafe
  9. My gym-rat friends and Baile Entretenido
  10. My Pop and Lock class in Bellavista
  11. The lack of efficiency that used to bug me and now I find endearing (sometimes)
  12. The park near our house
  13. Movies dubbed in Spanish
  14. The challenge of buying medicine from the pharmacies
  15. The creative ways people work to earn money
  16. Street vendors
  17. Street performers
  18. Spanish

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