Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I Can't Wait to Have in the US

  1. Sofas! Really, really comfy sofas
  2. The ability to throw toilet paper in the toilet instead of the trash can
  3. Central heating and air
  4. Excessive extravagance
  5. Efficient thinking
  6. English! English! English!
  7. My friends and family
  8. Wii and video games
  9. Movies I can see when they premiere, not weeks later
  10. My cats, my cousin's dog (Lucy, now owned by my cousin)
  11. My Gerhardt house
  12. Baja Fresh, Casa Orozco, BJs pizzookies, Sophia's Thai food in Davis, Peet's Coffee
  13. Linda's dance class
  14. Cheap books in English
  15. Bookstores and coffeeshops with couches
  16. Bookstores the size of warehouses
And I'm sure more that I won't realize I missed until I get home.

1 comment:

Robert said...

Why do you have to throw toilet paper in the trash can?