Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adventures Closer to Home

Since it's been pretty yucky outside lately (they predict a torrential downpour today and tomorrow), my activities have been much closer to home. Cine nights at the house with the roomies and Pollo (and San Francisco-brand ice cream Chocolate Mazapan and Pralines and Cream flavors) and blankets. A short walk to Pad Thai from Pollo's new room near the Salvador metro station. Pizza in and watching Sandra Bullock in that movie where she's an alcoholic in rehab. Lunches of pesto pasta with garlic bread, conversation with Kanke and JuanCa. Coming home to the estufa lit and glowing, Lua wrapped up in blankets and magazine photos strewn everywhere since she's midway through a collage. Kanke on the other side, organizing her things before she leaves. A place for me to sit on the carpet too with a book and tea and think warm thoughts.

Recently, Lua, Pollo and I went to see Up, Up and Away in 3D (I had to pronouce it at the ticket counter "oop tres day por favor"). It was dubbed in Spanish and there was a moment when Senor Fredrickson first begins talking. He says in spanish "Beautiful view, eh Elly?" I couldn't understand why he had this strange accent. It took me a second to realize two things: 1) He had an accent because he was SPEAKING IN Spanish and 2) I understood the Spanish in that one sentence without translating from English to Spanish (yay!).

Lua, Pollo and me

Lua said to me today: "Amazing that just as this little seed of Spanish comprehension is sprouting, you're going to uproot it completely by returning home."

I just laughed and said, "Yep."

At this point, I'm happy for all the things I have here and happy for all the things I have there and things are going to be what they will be.

I'm off to eat Peruvian food!

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in the u.s., it was just called "up."