Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Night In

Perhaps it's the foggy weather that's got me in a "stay-in" mood or the fact that I knew both my roommates would be gone and I would have the house to myself (a pleasure I have enjoyed since childhood). I don't know what it is about being home alone but, sometimes, it can feel so comforting. The quiet is mine to enjoy. It is a time when I can be absolutely myself. Staying in, if done correctly, can be glorious.

The best "stay-ins" usually involve me turning down an invitation or two to go out. This is key to the stay-in because then, not only do I actually have friends that want to hang out with me (yay!), but I am secure in the knowledge that the stay-in is truly voluntary.

So on this Saturday evening (which has become the best kind of stay-in thanks to my friends who were kind enough to invite me out and who I hope won't be deterred from inviting me again), I have read a little more in Artemis Fowl, a young adult book I bought in Spanish to boost my Spanish skills. Turns out you actually have to read it though to see any improvements to your Spanish vocabulary.

And, of course, I'm writing this blog.

Now that I think about it, the other key to a good stay-in is having already gone out a lot the previous week. This way you can justify staying in with, at the very least, an excuse about saving money...which I am.

So, below are photos from all the fun nighttime adventures I've had this past week. Enjoy!

Last Saturday night, I went to a trance party. My roommate's friend was DJing at this private party on the rooftop. They'd set up a slide projector to show videos, too. The combination of great dance music, great company and a view of half the city (which looked like the whole city to me) was spectacular. It was like something out of the movies.

Here I am being silly.

The Santiago skyline and my silohuette. Moody huh.

I took a photo of the moon for my dad--see the tiny little sliver of light next to the building.

Then on Tuesday, my roommates and I went to listen to a friend sing at a bar in Bella Vista. Definitely upscale, cozy venue.

Caitlin and Kanke--two cool chicks that I get to live with

Meeting new people and having fun. This guy I think told me he was a stripper (though translation is always questionable). He's either a stripper or a lawyer. Yeah. I think I need to learn more Spanish.

Then on Thursday, Caitlin, Mari and I went to see Carmen, the ballet playing at the Teatro Municipal. We paid $8 per ticket which just floors me. So cheap! I can't wait to go see something else there!

We were on the fourth floor I think, in the galeria seating, which meant we had to get there early to try and get the best seats available. We spent a lot of time leaning over the railing to see what was happening on stage.

Here are we, Women of Valor, as Mari calls us.

And so, there ya have it folks. Lots of good fun, and certainly more fun on the horizon.

It has been my perfect justification to say, "Let's hang out next week because this Saturday, I'm staying in."

Que te vaya bien!
C in C

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nacho said...

hahaha i liked your justification, its ok for me haha. Dont worry, unless in my case im not going to stop calling you, if you dont want to.
Hey i saw myself inside the museum jaja,of course, you never sent me that picture, it happend the same with the pictures of the trance party, ok...i will be patient..."i have time" jaja.
Its important to save money, but the problem is that you spend a lot of money when you go out, haha you must m be carefu hahaha.

Continue with your rest, jaja maybe you are too stressed, see you next week, take care!!!