Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little culture, a little spanish, a little party

Hi ya everyone,

I wanted to show you more photos. I thought these were the best ones of the batch. No deep thoughts today.

These first two are from the Pre-Columbian museum. I had read in the travel guides that this was the best museum in Chile but I was kind of bored. I think they meant it was the best for gringos. Everything was in English and in Spanish, but I went with Nacho. Between the two of us, we could easily have handled the museum without the English. Plus, there was really nothing to talk about. No interesting concepts. Just--here's a bowl, here's a vase. I wonder if they were making a statement with their vases and bottles. And what was it? Of the art I saw, which one was thought-provoking long ago?

The first photo below is of statues that they placed at funerals. I have decided that for my own funeral (many, many years away) I want one of these instead of flowers. How cool would that be! It would scare you into be happy.

I just thought this dude was pretty striking looking. He looks real! I got in trouble at this time for taking pictures (two guards from separate rooms were telling me to not take photos). I pretended to be an ignorant gringa (cuz sometimes it's convenient). I think Nacho was slightly embarrassed.

Then, on Thursday, my Spanish teacher, Loreto, invited me out for seafood at Oceano Pacifico. It's this disneyland-like place that's filled with many rooms decorated with fish stuff--ships in bottles, ships in glass cases, tables that look like something belonging to the captain's room, figureheads, whalebones, stuffed fish of all kind, doors like those on a submarine. We were in the submarine room, thus the lights behind them.

Loreto here is with her boyfriend Osvaldo...they are both very fun people and I had a great time!

And now for the party of disfraces!

Here are all the butterflies! Caitlin, my gringa roommate, Nunu, my Polynesian dance teacher, the girl with the cool face makeup (sorry that i've forgotten her name) and me.

Halfway through, Caitlin's friend came with his band, Andu, and played right in our tiny living room. It was so fun!

And my friends from the hostal came too. Chascon, Mono, Nico and Connie. They are just so fun and look, they made an effort to dress up!

Such fun!

Que te vaya bien,
C in C

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