Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Full moon party and Flamenco

I'm sad. Our Chilean cat got hit by a car and died today. Last week, my neighbor I've known my entire life also died.

It always rocks me to the core when someone I know dies.

And it reminds me that life is beautiful and short, and I must do what I can to celebrate each moment from the smallest detail to the biggest events. So today, I celebrate life for them.

Here are some beautiful things I've seen recently.

Two weeks ago, my roommate took me to Estadio Espanola to watch Flamenco dancing. This girl below was incredible. She was captivating; she had IT. Just amazing.

Beautiful. Full of grace.

Then last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a private all-night dance party located in the mountains to celebrate the full moon. It was the experience of a lifetime. The dance party was being held in a clearing halfway up the mountain to Farellones. There must have been around 30 people there, all dancing under the moonlight. The place was the most beautiful scene I had witnessed in a long time. It was beautiful. Without a tripod, my night shots are kind of shaky, but I think you get the effect.

And then we stayed around the camp site till noon the next day. Look at these beautiful, happy people!

I went wandering and found a great poppy pic just waiting for me.

Here I am already getting sunburned and trying to recover from getting very little sleep...and maybe also having had a little too much Piscola. Maybe.

My roommate was teasing me mercilessly because tuve canas (okay, I admit it, I was hungover). I was absolutely incapable of forming a sentence in Spanish on the ride home, which made my communication with my Chilean roommate pretty funny. Here, I have my scarf on to keep from burning anymore--man the Chilean sun is a scorcher!

The road home. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to live here!

So, in the memory of my neighbor Agnes and my Chilean cat Petunio, do me a favor, go out and live today like it's the best day of your life. Take a risk, be happy and celebrate your life with renewed joy.

Que te vaya bien,
C in C

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TAD said...

So sad for the kitty!