Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking Care of the Hairy Homeless

A very hairy, gigantic four legged creature and his sidekick stayed in our house for a few days this week. If you haven't guessed yet, it was a Saint Bernard named Aragon and his buddy, old Gaspar, a Scottish terrier. Both lived in Constitution in my roommate's family's house.

The Saint Bernard was adorable and huge! He'd was like a gigantic furry rug that took up our entire living room floor. The Scottish Terrier, Gaspar, tolerated his surroundings with disdain. I imagined him speaking in a Scottish accent, "Not perfect, but it'll do."

The last couple of days have been interesting. Our house not only filled with dogs, but with food and clothing to be sent with my roommate to Constitution. In the end, they filled a van to the ceiling. I was so proud of her efforts. People have streamed in and out of our house this whole week bringing supplies.

Last night, they held a special Teleton on TV they had created in four days called Chile Ayuda Chile to raise money to send to the South. Lan Airlines, the president, Isabel Allende, Soprole and more donated millions of pesos...Isabel donated half a million dollars. All last night and today, we can walk into a Banco Chile or Banco Santander and donate money. I'm going to do it when I finish writing this post.

Friends from Rapa Nui landed in Chile today to start a new life in La Serena. They seem optimistic. They're staying with us till tomorrow.

Tonight a few friends are coming over for the tiniest of despedidas (goodbye party) big carretes (wild and crazy parties) this time.

I ate a copa simple yesterday at Emporio La Rosa--Miel de Ulmo y Chocolate Avellana ice cream. Honey of the Ulmo Tree and Hazelnut Chocolate. It was so good I might go there again today, although I promised myself I would go to Bravissimo and get this complicated $6 ice cream dish called Copa Dali that I said I would get before I left.

Pollo is begging me to stay and I'm begging him to not stay in Chile. I'm going to have a last dinner with the viejas on Sunday night--his grandma is cooking humitas, which you guys know as tamales.

It is a confusing time for me. I'm really sad about leaving, having dreams about teaching, along with earthquake nightmares. I am alternately sad, happy and panicked every five minutes.

My roommate Kanke arrived yesterday. I am really relieved and feel much better knowing she's home. She's also almost always cheerful, so her mood is rubbing off on mine.

Life is moving on and so is Chile.

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Mari said...

I cannot believe it's almost that time. It makes my soul ache to think about it.

You are so strong, Cathy.

I love that you got my faaaaavorite combo of all time--hazelnut and miel de ulmo. I considered that the "Mari Special." Now it's the Cathy Special! Glad to hear that ice crema is still being made despite the earthquake.