Friday, March 19, 2010

Reverse Culture Shock

I was feeling pretty disconcerted and out of sorts this week. Today I read this article on Reverse Culture Shock. Now I feel relieved. Ah ha, this is why I have felt so disoriented. Just trying to find my balance after a life of earthquakes and aftershocks.

When you think about it, it's a wonder I've managed to remain relatively sane and well-adjusted. Not only am I adjusting from a foreign country of Spanish speakers where the mundane was really exciting (watch Cathy try to ask for cough syrup in Spanish!), I'm also adjusting to the city/suburb transition. For example, yesterday I went for a walk through the neighborhood. It felt like I was in a parallel universe, one where population control had gotten, well, out of control. Where were the people? Eerie--all these pretty houses and no one in them.

And since I'm having a pity party at the moment, I was just in an 8.8 earthquake three weeks ago! Oh, and don't forget that the man I love is now really, really, really far away.

Actually, now that I think about, I'm feeling really proud of myself. I survived a talk with the parents (friends, you know the kind of talk I'm talking about). I even did my taxes! And I've been earning money, too, without really marketing my writing services. Not bad for having arrived 10 days ago.

Think of that...12 days ago, I was talking in Spanish with Kanke and Javiera and two guests from Spain, eating chipatis (indian flat bread) and drinking mate (tea). I was kissing Pollo goodbye.

This week, it's Mojo Burgers and Togo's and NCIS on TV.

Both experiences, both countries are great, but this transition is like being in the shower when the water heater breaks.

I am trying my best to adjust. But please forgive me if occasionally I shiver from the cold.

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