Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Break from ME

Hi Everyone!

I have incredible photos I can't wait to show you from my trip to Patagonia but I'm nowhere near ready. So instead of talking about me, I decided I would show you these two photos (not mine) that I thought were really interesting.

This one I found on a blog (the hand hug). It is visual instructions for the hand hug. As you can see, you can use the hand hug for acquaintances where the hug isn't yet appropriate. Try this with your friends and coworkers immediately.

This second photo was in an article in BUST on this flash knitter group called "Knitta Please" that decorates cities with cozies and knit wear for signs, mailboxes, etc. This one was called the tank cozy. I think we need more of these.

That's it for today...hope you enjoyed the stuff that's been catching my eye!


1 comment:

La Gringuita said...

i saw a sweater-covered tree in baltimore! cutest graffiti ever!