Thursday, March 19, 2009

Travel stories coming soon...I swear!

I'm making progress on the Patagonia photos, and I was going to post them, but then I thought, shoot, I want to explain them too...which is gonna take a until then, I thought I'd pass along THE COOLEST YouTube video I've ever seen.

It's an album of seven songs by this dj Kutiman who edited YouTube videos of people playing music and singing and turned them into entirely new songs.

What I like the most about the videos, besides the rockin' music, are the faces.

It's an intimate look behind the scenes of normal life: People are in their pajamas, taking care of babies, staring off into space while they play or sing--somehow seeing them all makes me feel optimistic about the world. It's very unassuming, very humble. My favorites are the last two: Wait for me and Just a Lady.

have at it!

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