Friday, April 16, 2010


I realized recently that it's really difficult to resist telling your friends what they should do with their lives. Especially when you can see it so clearly. It's like watching your best friend standing in front of two different paths in serious contemplation. One path leads to a dark forest, which to you looks eery and dangerous, and the other is brightly lit with butterflies flitting about. To you, the path is so clear. Is there even a decision to make?

You'd totally choose the eery forest, too...right?

People are so different. On the topic of Chile, I've gotten all kinds of opinions. And that's the part where it gets interesting. I talked with a Canadian friend of mine who, after hearing the pros and cons, was sure I was going back. To her it wasn't a big deal to live in Chile. After all, she's happily living in a different country. In contrast, many of my married friends and family, who love their lives here, say I should stay. Each of my friends' and family's opinions on what I should do really reflected on what they do.

This realization made me think of the opinions I've given to others. Was my advice really the best choice for them? Or was it, in fact, only the best choice for me given their situation?

So as you ponder a difficult decision, perhaps the best way to decide is not to listen to the advice your friends give you, but rather listen to the advice you give them. Perhaps your opinions about how your friends' lives are really cues--and gifts--on how you should live your own. If you can see the path so clearly, then maybe that is the path you should be taking.

Crazy, huh?

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