Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm on MTV Latino

I'm on MTV Latino. "How?" you ask... Don't worry, I'll tell you.

My roommate's friend's sister is awesome singer/songwriter Mariel, who has developed quite a following in South America and Mexico. And back in May, she had asked my roommate to be in the video. My roommate offered our house as practice space. And lil' ol' me happened to be home that day, writing. When they got stuck on choreography, my roommate asked me to help. I guess they liked what I came up with because they were using my ending AND asked me to be a dancer.

I agreed on one condition. That I wouldn't have to wear a unitard (one piece of cloth that is only flattering on those who have 0 body fat.)

So we practiced and then late at night a few weeks later, we went up to the roof of a friend's apartment. They set up bright stage lights. A fog had settled over the city (May is fall in Chile) and all of us wore tanks exposing our midrifts and cut off jeans. We were very, very cold for most of the shoot.

But it was an amazing experience. Now, 10 months later, that puppy's on MTV!

Check it out:

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