Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Terrible Spanish Jokes--Read at Your Own Peril

My roommate and I began creating Spanish jokes...really, really terrible jokes...but it has helped us remember words. And so, I decided that I wanted to show them off and make your days brighter...even if just by a little.

The first one:
Que dice frutilla a la manzana? Disfruta!
What did the strawberry say to the apple............... Enjoy!
Explanation: Disfruta means enjoy...within "disfruta" is the word "fruta" for fruit. hahahaha.

Que dice oveja Jack a oveja Can cuando Can compro un estereo nuevo? ............Baaaaacan.
What did Jack the Sheep say to Can the sheep when Can bought a new stereo. Coooollll!
Explanation: Bacan means cool in Chile. Baaaa is the sound a sheep makes... get it, get it? hahaha. Are you crying yet?

Longer joke:
Un nuevo presentador extranjero, se llama Stezar, estaba dando un discurso en una plaza de un pueblito. Los ciudadanos juntaron en la plaza, pero despues de cinco minutos algo extrano empezo occurir. Todas de las bocas de la gente empezo a abrir. Un nino que nunca habia visto este fenomeno, pidio, "Que esta pasando?" Una persona a lado de el respondio................. "Es bostezar!

A new foreign presenter, named Stezar, was giving a speech in a plaza in a small town. The citizens gathered in the plaza but after five minutes, something strange began to occur. All of the mouths of the people began to open. A small child who had never seen this phenomenon asked, "What is happening?" A person next to him replied..................."It's yawning" AND "It's the voice Stezar!"
Explanation: Bostezar means to yawn. But voz, which sounds the same as Bos, means voice. Chan nan! Aren't you glad you're read this?

That's all I've got for now. I've been trying to put one together for feliz (because fe means faith and liz is a girl's name...there's a joke in feliz somewhere). If you have a chance, send me your jokes!

Hope you all have a lovely and rico Saturday!

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clanier said...

OMG!!! serious applause coming from idaho! i was ROFL after reading this one! bravo!!!