Friday, January 22, 2010

At the beach from the cybercafe

Algarrobo feels strangely similar to Santa Cruz...except that everyone is speaking Spanish. The two friends on the computers at either side of me are speaking Spanish but in an accent that makes me think they´re not from Santiago. Still Chile, but maybe to the South, I´d guess.

My thoughts lately have turned towards home...and then have immediately turned back to Santiago.

The beach life...awww. We don´t spend much money each day. Just ride bikes, eat ice cream, watch House on the laptop and data show Pollo brought.

It´s a normal Spanish life.

The past month has been filled with small sparks and ideas about home and about here. Exactly where oh where to place my roots...and is it possible to place them in two countries...or do you then spend your whole life stretched impossibly thin over 5,000 miles?

It´s strange to think, but your life is yours, your own, and you can put down roots anywhere you want.

I´m waiting for my heart to point and say, here. This is where you belong. For now it seems to be pointing in all directions, like one of those crazy sign posts you see in Europe.

Perhaps it is merely saying to me,"You belong to the world. You belong anywhere and everywhere."

And now, i´m off to drink a capuccino which at this one particular ice cream shop consists of regualr coffee and the rest whip cream! I´m definitely not complaining.

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Christy said...

Stumbled onto your blog seeking info for a hypothetical vacation to Chile (we're also looking at Peru and Panama). We keep looking for tips, but all of them seem to come from experts with deep pockets, or people who look more like my parents, or uber-rugged backpackers.

How nice to find your sweet reflections on your adopted home country. So nice to find someone who likes what I like: bikes, ice cream, calming views, simple pleasures. I'll spend more time perusing as we make some final decisions on our trip.