Monday, November 17, 2008

Some People Wallow…

So, if you read my previous blog posting, you would know that I had perfect justification to wallow this weekend. I tried my best—on Friday I ate dulce de leche and cookies with my roommates and talked about “men” with that tone of disdain reserved for cases such as mine. On Saturday, after my Polynesian dance class, three of us walked over to Bravissimo ice cream (top ice cream in the city) and proceeded to consume the calories we had worked so hard to take off. That night, I planned on a good wallow but then a friend invited me for drinks, so I went out figuring that wallowing, though good for the soul, wouldn’t be as healthy as me drinking lots of alcohol (has anyone noticed the irony in this sentence yet?).

On Sunday, with my roommates gone for the day, I had the house to myself and proceeded to have the best of wallows—lots of reading, lots of sugary food, lots of writing. And then I was done.

I think the fact that I’m a quick wallower is one of my best traits. This is when the fact that I get bored easily works in my favor. I can’t tolerate a lot of low-energy-sitting-around wallowing. I love low-energy-sitting-around activities when I’m happy. But it’s just not a lot of fun when I’m sad. A little wallow is nice. It’s a break from the routine. It’s “new.” But eventually I get bored of the feeling, and going outside or doing something else seems like a much better idea.

So today, I chose to be done with wallowing. Instead, I worked. I ran. I went to yoga class. I think it’s clear: I prefer sweating to wallowing.

My style of wallowing has made me curious as to how others deal with the painful trials of their lives. So here’s a question for all of you: what’s your wallow style? Are there others out there preferring to sweat out their emotions rather than to marinate in them? Let me know. I’d love to hear!

Que te vaya bien!
C in C

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