Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elevator Buttons

My friend Mari started a new blog about finding grace and being grateful for everyday things (and miracles, too). I have been so inspired by this, that I want to follow suit. Forgive me if you find this kind of gratitude overbearing and cheesy. I find it good practice for recognizing that you ALREADY have a great life. For an ambitious A-Type like me, this is a very, very good practice. I will still have travel stories, don't worry! But since my computer crashed completely obliterating my photos from Australia (pucha!), it will be awhile till I have something good to show. So on non-travel blog days, I'll have two things I'm thankful for and one thing that I think is funny.

1. Elevator Buttons: I'm stealing number one from Mari who one day commented on the joy of pressing elevator buttons. It stopped me in my tracks. I thought, "Hey, yeah, I doooo like pressing elevator buttons." My favorite kind are the older ones that have a little spring in them so that when you press them they give the tiniest little "click." Just thinking about them makes me want to get into an elevator and press all of them and then run out before I get stuck on all the floors.

2. Flowers: This one I know is a little lame. Who isn't thankful for flowers? Who do you know says, ugh, those flowers are gross? But I will be specific. I am thankful for bouganvillea and jasmine just a tiny bit more than how much I'm already thankful for the rest of them. Or, how about, I'm thankful that with just a glance at the flowers I have in a vase on my desk, I am uplifted. I am buoyed. I am a tinier bit happier to see them. It might be so small it is like the tiny click of an elevator button, but it still counts. Happier is happier.

3. Funny: My roommate Lua telling a long joke. She can't do it to save her life. It'll go something like this... "Okay, so two guys walk into a bar. No wait...maybe it was two nuns. Okay, yeah, two nuns walk into a bar. No wait, two priests, yeah, two priests walk into a bar and..............(long pause)..........shit, I think I just ruined the punchline."

And that's all folks!

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