Monday, October 26, 2009

Being a Foreigner is Like Being Famous

My roommate and I were on the metro the other day, and this little boy heard us speaking English. He could tell we were obviously not from Chile. Maybe he recognized English from a class he'd taken.

He smiled at us. We smiled at him and said hello. He continued to stare at us until our paths separated. He shyly asked his mom how to say adios in English. He said a very whispered "Bye" and ran off. It was as if he'd seen a celebrity.

Being a foreigner also gives you more freedom. After all, you may never see these people again...and if you do, you'll only see them for another six months and then you REALLY won't see them again.

I went for a walk yesterday. Sunday's are the best days for walks because everyone is out with their families. I had my ipod on, and I began to dance to the music as I walked. I was having so much fun that I didn't care who was watching. I just smiled at everyone who stared and continued dancing. Most fun 45 minutes I've had on a walk in a long time!

Would I have done the same in the U.S.? Who knows? But now that I've tried it, I surely will when I get home.

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