Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rapa Nui Dancing and the Mavi

With all the Christmas weirdness here (wilty plastic wreaths, no smells of pine in the air, the sun shining a perfect 75 degrees) and with my roommate now headed home for Christmas instead of south with me, I've decided that a fair bit of denial about Christmas is in order. Instead, I will show you photos!
My Rapa Nui dance class ended last week, and I managed to get some photos due to J's cousin who visited class one day. Thanks J's cousin!
Nunu is the girl in red--our teacher. She's a native pasquence (native to Easter Island or what they call Rapa Nui). And behind her is of course me.
Here I am with J! She's headed to Rapa Nui this Christmas...I'm jealous.

I just thought this was a super cool pic!
The gals doing the circulo (circling their hips).

Another group shot...
Then, on Sunday, as I was wandering around Lastarria, I found an museum hidden in the back of a beautiful courtyard. Even better was that since it was Sunday I could get in for FREE! I spent an hour or more wandering around four floors of really interesting art. I snuck a few photos in for your viewing pleasure.

This art piece was part of the youth recycled art collection. This one is a beautiful landscape scene made entirely more interesting painted on a canvas made of cardboard layers glued together.
This one was a photo by a Columbian photographer (I think--sorry about being vague on the details, I was just so excited to take the photo without being yelled at). I just love this photo. What a contrast between the type of woman advertisers are trying to sell (a woman who buys a lot of their clothes and make up) and the real woman standing in front of the ad. I think the real woman is beautiful.
And just for fun...me as a model for Kanke's dresses. Me in polka dots...I never thought it would happen!

This one was my favorite of the dresses, really a good fit for my body.

I also went to a Yoga competition which was so darn fascinating that I'm saving it so that I can dedicate an entire post to it...so stay tuned!

Que te vaya bien (did you know I can finally say this without stuttering? I know, it's so cool!)

C in C

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La Gringuita said...

i loved this post!

we can be "homeless" for the holidays together...

and now that i have saturdays off, i would really love to experience rapa nui dancing, if at all possible! i know you're pretty far into the class by now, and you might want to keep your title as the token gringa, but lemme know if anything could be arranged...at least before may. :)

beautiful pictures, beautiful cathy. let's hang soon!